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We have all dealt with this issue of “missing children” in the families we trace. “Missing children” could be described in several scenarios. One scenario I have seen is seeing a 1900 Census record that shows my Majdalena Kokoska being the mother of 10 children, with nine living. Another scenario is hearing a family story that X family had five kids named A, B, C, and ?? and ??. The person telling the story knew there were five kids but had no idea the names of two of them. I have a burial plot sheet that lists a few children buried with my family that are not known to me. And the last names do not match any I have in my database. Were the names misspelled? Are the records incorrect and they are not actually buried in this plot? Are they friends of the family? What scenarios have you run into? I will give you an example of one of mine.

One of my direct lines is Kokoska. Joseph and Majdalena came to the United States in 1880. Majdalena was pregnant with my great grandfather, Joseph, when they arrived. A few weeks later they married in Chicago. I discovered in the 1900 Census that Majdalena was the mother of 10 children with nine living. I had no idea who this missing child was. The family did not buy their burial plot at Bohemian National Cemetery in Chicago until 1919 after one of their sons died in France in WWI. When that son died Joseph and Majdalena were hoping to have his remains sent home. For 14 years I had no idea who this child was or how to find it.

Thanks to FamilySearch and the Chicago Birth Certificates listed online, I did a search for Kokoska with Joseph and Majdalena as parents this past fall. Up popped Emilie Kokoska with corroborating information for the parents. My missing child!

Emilie was born in June of 1894. She died before 1900. I have no idea when. I have no idea where she is buried. No idea what happened to her. Maybe she has a death record somewhere and I have not located it yet. I would hope since the family had a birth record filled out and submitted, they would have done the same for her death. For now I continue to search for Emilie’s death certificate and burial place. This may be a mystery I never solve, but that doesn’t mean I will stop searching for an answer!

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Hi there,

I'm assuming your family was Catholic.. have you tried going to a Catholic cemetery in the Chicago area and searching for any Kokoska's in the database? You can search all the Catholic cemeteries at any location.. If you don't find her under Kokoska, try Kokosk. The search will return anything beginning with Kokosk... like Kokoska, Kokoski, Kokosky. You never know how it'll be spelt!

June 15, 2010 at 1:25 AM

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