I am immersed in research on the Flying Tigers for my book. It consumes many of my waking thoughts and at least half of my dreaming thoughts each day and night. I remember when my Uncle Rich gave me a copy of the news article talking about Bob Brouk, the Flying Tiger and telling me how famous he was. Then a few years later Rich went to the Berwyn Library to look at microfilm of 1942 Berwyn Life newspapers for more articles. This started to put a story behind the man.

Now more than 10 years later, and my uncle having passed away a few years ago, I wonder if he's looking down on me and marveling at all the information that has been gathered in the last few years, including the fact that Bob's widow found me and has provided so much wonderful insight into the man I never knew. I wonder if he and Bob, in heaven, are discussing Bob's days as a Tiger and their differing experiences in the Air Force at least two decades apart. And I wonder if he and Bob will "guide" me in directions to find more information to finish his book.

As I continue to research I think of the two of them often and hope the book would make them proud and truly honor Bob's life.

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