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I was surprised a couple of weeks ago to receive from Lost Family Treasures, the Ancestor Approved Award. Thank you so much!!. I am honored to accept the award.

As a recipient of the award I will attempt to list ten things I have learned about any of my ancestors that has surprised me, humbled me, or enlightened me.......

1. As I begin to write the stories of some of my ancestors, I feel as if I know them, as if they were living today. The little pieces of information that really makes them "alive".
2. My husband and I were surprised to learn his great grandfather was murdered.

3. I learned you cannot always believe every family story you hear. You must always check for the truth in the story, even if it is only one piece of it.

4. The more I research, the more questions form that I want answers to.

5. Sometimes you really have to dig deep into a record to find what you are looking for.

6. Never ever give up because what you seek could be just around the corner.

7. Sometimes it is good to take a break from an ancestor or family because after that break, your mind is clearer and the answer usually comes.

8. The women in my family were all amazing bakers and took good care of their families.

9. I am blessed to have so many family members who served in the military and fought for our freedom.

10. I am thankful my children are interested in their family history. What I do not finish, I hope they will some day. 

Now I pass this award on a couple of wonderful genealogy and or family history bloggers that are doing their ancestors proud in no particular order........

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