Sentimental Sunday - Grandma Libbie  


From Chicago Family History

This is a picture of my Grandma Libbie Holik in January of 2001 after the birth of my first son Andrew. She was 90 years old when this photo was taken. I still remember when she came to the hospital the day after he was born and held him. She smiled and her whole face lit up and she looked like a happy teenager. I’ll never forget that. I will also never forget how every time we went to visit her she would pat my cheek and say Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer and smile.

Libbie turned 91 at the end of May and passed away a few days later. I was able to help take care of her at home the week she was ill before she passed and she was able to spend a little more time with Andrew. I was not at her bedside when the angels took her, but two of her sons Rich, and Tom, my dad, were there with my mom, sister and her son. I know to this day she is watching over us.

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