During WWII, my grandfather, who I never had the pleasure to meet, served in the Naval Armed Guard. He served on three ships during his service.  The S.S. Joshua Hendy, the S.S. Henry Durant, and the S.S. Sea Quail. Liberty Ships.  

Joseph was inducted into the U.S. Navy as an Apprentice Seaman, USN 12/13/1943 at the NRS, Chicago, IL. He was then released to inactive duty until 12/20/1943. 2/24/1944 he completed recruit training in USNR Great Lakes, Chicago, IL.  Joseph was then transferred 3/9/1944 to Armed Guard School, Gulfport, MISS.  and transferred  4/13/1944 to AATraCen., Shell Beach LA

On 4/18/1944 Joseph was
transferred to USN, Armed Guard Center., Brooklyn NY Armed Guard Center. 5/5/44 detached duty completed as armed guard at Port Director, NOB, Norfolk, VA.  Put on S.S. Joshua Hendy.  While Joseph served on the S.S. Joshua Hendy, the ship sailed from Norfolk to Key West, FL.  Key West to Ensenada. Ensenada to Guayanilla. Guayanilla to Guantanamo Bay (SE tip of Cuba 20 degrees N 75 degrees W). Guantanamo to New Orleans.

His service on the S.S. Joshua Hendy ended 9/18/1944 and he was detached to serve on the S.S. Seal Quail.   While serving on the S.S. Sea Quail, the ship sailed on November 7, 1944 to Liverpool, the Solvent and Southamptom England.  Next she sailed outbound from Hampton Roads on December 10 for Naples and Oran.  Then she returned to New York.  He served on the S.S. Sea Quail until 2/28/1945 and then transferred to duty as armed guard on board U.S. Armed Merchant Vessel S.S. Henry Durant (T-37129) to serve under Alfred O. Kus.  This ship sailed from New York to Manus (Island, Admirality Island, Bismarck Archipel. 2 degrees South, 147 degrees East). Manus to Samar (Island, eastern Philippines, 12 degrees North, 125 degrees East).  Duty completed 7/13/1945 due to illness.

On April 24, 1945 Joseph J. Holik crossed the equator at Lat. 00000 and Long. 180 on the ship S/S Henry Durant.  He received a certificate after his initiation ceremony.

Joseph was transferred 7/13/1945 to Naval Receiving Station, Terminal Island, San Pedro, CA.  Admitted for treatment at U.S. Naval Hospital, Long Beach, CA.  7/18/1945 transferred to U.S. Naval Hospital, San Diego, CA. 8/2/1945 discharged from treatment and transferred to Navy Unit, U.S. Publich Health Services Hospital, Fort Worth, TX for further medical treatment.  Joseph received an honorable discharge 11/9/1945 Fort Worth TX.

After the war he returned to work at Railway Express Agency at Union Station, Chicago as a Freight Runner. He died in 1964 in North Chicago, IL.  

More information can be found on the Naval Armed Guard here:

Naval History and Heritage Command  http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq104-1.htm

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